Kerry Kenney was established by myself, Allan Curtis and my business partner and friend, Curt Kenney, in an effort to provide top-quality business consulting services to companies all over the world. Since its establishment, our company has enjoyed continued strong growth, and we are constantly striving to improve the service we provide for our sizable clientele.

Both of us studied at Stanford and consequently possess in-depth knowledge of business and finance. This expertise, combined with our rich experience in dealing with businesses of all sizes, has equipped us to furnish intelligent advice and support services to all our clients. Our aim is to strengthen, support, and facilitate the growth of all the companies we work with.

We cover all areas of business and finance and provide our clients with the tools required for enhanced business profitability.

Seeds Sown at Stanford

Curt and I, both, studied at Stanford School of Business and graduated with a master’s degree in business management. We met and became friends there and, on leaving college, we joined the same business consulting firm. There, we gained valuable experience in the practical application of the knowledge we had gathered at Stanford. Our colleagues and managers nurtured and encouraged us, particularly in the areas of customer care, client relations, and marketing. While both of us valued the opportunity and worked equally hard, within two years, both Curt and I sought new opportunities. At that point, we could quite easily have found opportunities in other companies, however, we saw an opening in the market and grabbed the chance to set up our own firm. Having worked with many different businesses, we were able to bring some of the clients with us. We also knew how to build a customer base, and shortly after, we were running a top-quality consulting business.

The Beauty of Entrepreneurship

Setting up a company requires know-how, ambition, and tenacity, while it offers ample opportunities for creativity and independence. When working for a larger firm, talented individuals are constantly restricted in the scope of their abilities and often cannot fully utilize their potential. Curt and I wanted to provide an even better consulting services and consequently established our own company. Because we’ve known each other for a long time, we are aware of each other’s strength.

We have therefore assigned tasks according to ability. Curt takes care of customer relations and human resources, I look after advertising and marketing. This website is also part of my workload.

This Website

Immediately after moving into our premises and officially launching Kerri Kenney, we established this website to offer our clients a point of contact and provide potential clients with information about our services.

Having a well-run and content-rich site is of utmost importance nowadays, and I continually strive to publish insightful information for all our website visitors.

Our blog is geared toward delivering additional, easy-to-understand business and finance information.

The website has also been a popular gathering place for people with and interest in business and finance.