Our blog has been at the center of your website right from the beginning. We wanted to educate the general public about financial and business issues, publish the latest financial news, and provide our many clients with additional tools for the enhancement of their businesses.

Equipped with a Stanford master’s degree, it has been quite easy for us to publish in-depth posts about money, finance, and business. We have also continually endeavored to publish guest posts written by experts in our field. By doing so, we have furnished our readers with top-quality content. The combination of content penned by our company and the publication of intelligent guest posts has been at the root of the success of this website and blog. We are proud to say that we now have 17’000 unique monthly visitors and indications are, this number is set for continued growth.

Fruitful Blogging Collaboration

We have immensely enjoyed working with our guest bloggers. Everyone involved greatly benefits from the entire process, both in terms of communication and discussion and the exchange of links and mutual readership expansion.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, please contact us by filling in the form below or by emailing me at allan@kerrikenney.com.

Topics and Titles for Guest Posts

This website covers financial and business issues, however, we are open to suggestions of topics beyond those listed below:

  • Banks
  • Business News
  • Big Business and Corps
  • Employee Management
  • Small Business
  • Credits and Loans
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Marketing Tips
  • Online Marketing
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes
  • World Economy

Feel free to drop us an email suggesting a concept or idea. We will gladly discuss the best approach with you. To give you an idea for possible blog posts titles, I have crafted a few sample titles just below:

  • How to Expand Your Business Organically
  • How to Reduce Your Running Costs
  • Latest Tax Incentive Schemes

Experts and Beginners Welcome

We welcome guest posts from well-read bloggers as well as beginners. Experts can use this site to further expand their following and strike up a blogging collaboration with us. We are open to exchanging links and promoting you and your work. Equally, you may point your readers in the direction of this website. Such a collaboration can be immensely fruitful, not just financially but also in terms of increasing the power of an already strong online presence for all involved.

Beginners can launch their writing career by publishing a guest post here. Many newbies started off here and became regular contributors, while also building a following for their own blog. We will most certainly promote you as a writer and encourage our many thousand readers to subscribe to your blog. Blogging can provide a good income, and we are glad to share what we’ve learned in the process of building this site.

Blogging is Crucial for Business

Businesses all over the world know now, how important blogging is. Nowadays, users of any product or service check out the provider online and frequently rely on the information provided in the company blog. By blogging, you make your business more personable, you can outline in greater detail the services or products you sell and reach far more people.

Guest blogging is a great introduction into blogging. Once you are familiar with the blogging process, you can go on to create a company blog for your current and future clients.

The benefits of business blogging will soon become obvious. You’ll have greater exposure and online visibility, receive inquiries from far-flung places, and link up to numerous other prolific sites.

How to Get Published Here

You may send a post by attachment to allan@kerrikenney.com. Alternatively, you may fill in the form below and outline the topic you would like to write about. Be sure to tell us a little about yourself in the process. We will reply quickly, set up an initial blogging discussion and get you started. The editing process is collaborative and enjoyable, and your post will be publication-ready within a short few days.

We look forward to publishing your post and increasing the scope of our respective online powers.